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Create Unlimited Slideshows

The WP AnythingSlider allows you to create an unlimited amount of SlideShows for use throughout your WordPress website. Each slideshow can have it’s own set of unique settings and content. Once a slideshow is created, it can be inserted in a page or a post with the convenience of the Shortcode Insert Button.


One Slide, Many Slideshows

Many WordPress slideshow plugins make you create slides that are connected to a single slideshow. With the WP AnythingSlider plugin, you can create a slide once, and have it display in several different slideshows. (Trust me, when you manage a large site with several slideshows, this comes in handy).


13 Slideshow Skins

The WP AnythingSlider comes with 13 skins to choose from. You have the option of setting a default sitewide WP AnythingSlider skin, or you can select a different skin for each slideshow that you create. Skins included are: Default, Metallic, Portfolio, Minimal, Mini Dark, Mini Light, Shiny, Polished, Ribbon, Construction, Minimal Square, Minimal Round and Office.


7 Slide Layouts

The WP AnythingSlider comes with 7 easy to use slide layouts, each with their own unique options, making slide creation incredibly easy. Choose from full-content, where you decide what’s in the slide, or custom built layouts such as full video, centered video, full image, lightbox, masked video with slide effect, and masked video with fade effect.


Unlimited Slideshows

The WP AnythingSlider allows you to create unlimited slideshows for use throughout your site. Add them to pages, posts, custom post types or build them into your template files.


Multiple Slideshows on a Page

The WP AnythingSlider allows you to display multiple slideshows on a page. Please note, you can not show the same slideshow multiple times on a page.


Vertical or Horizontal

The WP AnythingSlider allows you to create slideshows that slide vertically or horizontally.


Over 30 Easing FX

The WP AnythingSlider has over 30 easing effects that can be applied to the slideshow sliding rotation.

NEW! AnythingSlider FX Layer Creator

The WP AnythingSlider now supports AnythingSlider FX. You have the option of setting FX for the entire slideshow that will be applied to every slide in the slideshow, or you can create FX Layers on a per-slide basis with our new FX Layer Creator.

Using the FX Layer Creator allows you to create unlimited layers within slides, and apply FX to them. When building FX layers you have complete control over the background and text color of the layer, the FX applied to the layer, the speed of the FX, the size of the layer, the content of the layer and more.

Using the WP AnythingSlider FX Creator allows you to create AMAZING slideshows that are not possible using any other WP Slideshow Plugin!